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Quite possibly the finest actor in the history of film.
Operation Dumbo drop was robbed at the oscars when the film left with a shocking zero awards
by The Dean February 15, 2005
Danny Glover- n.
To give a 'Danny Glover' is when you shove your hand up a female partners ass, thus creating a fecal 'glove'. Then you proceed to slap her in the face multiple times, giving her a brown face to the effect of the black actor. Usually done post-coitus.
-Fredrick was impressed with the gracefullnes of Jonhnston's 'Danny Glover' as performed on Martha.

-"To err is human, to give a 'Danny Glover' is divine".
by Brocktoon May 11, 2006
a turd so horrific that the turdee may not survive to do another; an "im getting too old for this"shit; a lethal weapon.
just birthed a Danny Glover in there, feels like my arse is inside out now
by murray hewitt's ugly brother April 21, 2009
The act of accomplishing a task that far surpasses your likely abilities.
Dude. You totally 'Danny Glovered' that predator!
by tConns February 14, 2010
50% propel fitness water. 50 miller genuine draft. 100% mind grenade of a drink.
Zach: "What the hell am I drinking? Its freaking amazing."

Doug: "Thats a Danny Glover bitch. drink up."
by Raaaaaaaaaandy December 27, 2009
When a loved one asks you to feel his/her butt for any defects, then proceeds to hold your hand there while letting out a very loud or smelly fart.
Hey, sis! I'm gonna go over there and give grandma and old Danny Glover!
by Dr. Petile July 22, 2011
when u get head from a really hot piece of trim and after u blow ur load you yell, "RIGGS! IM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!" and then u proceed to slap her once with your phallus.
Dudes, listen up. I Danny Glovered Maya Angelou last night.
by danny glovering SOB April 14, 2007