Danny is a type of guy who is very sexy, and hot. He treats a girl with lots of respect, and, makes them feel like a princess. He is a very good kisser, and good in the bedroom, VERY GOOD. He makes a girl feel like she is the best in the world! He has a huge penis. Loves to makeout.
danny is so hot
danny is great in bed, i wish i could be a danny
by Jackie Wells March 12, 2011
A male name, usually describing a ginger kid with paper-white skin and a massive vagina. He will usually not have the balls to ask out a girl, probably because he's too comfortable with his right hand.
Look at that fagot over there. he's such a danny.
by Hcaz Erym September 30, 2010
a spelling error, typo, or screw up
Person 1: What the heel?
Person 2: Way to make a danny

Person: *writing* The dog chased the caat. *out loud* Damn, I made a danny
by The Shampon Man July 31, 2009
A tempo weighs out .5 grams a DANNY can weight from .6 grams to .9 grams
Yo hook it up with a Danny....
Yoo this is a fat Danny....
Yooo that Danny is FIRE!!!!!!
by GorillaGoon August 21, 2009
Whore; Hoe; Prostitute.
"Danny's a whore."

He almost got his ass kicked by $alu and Cigga but people still called him a "whore".
by ($)_Lil_$alu_($). January 15, 2009
1. To pull a Danny:
The act of mixing up the accelerator and the break while 5 feet from your friends door while driving your friends car

2. To be a Danny:
To consistently borrow money or items from your friends with out paying them back.
1: "Oh my god, did you see that!!! John just pulled a danny!!"

2: Paul : "Hey did you ever get that tenner back from Ryan?"
Patrick : "No, hes being such a danny about it"
by Paul Random November 10, 2008
A person who thinks they are better than others because they are racist. Usually, has a cheap beer gets drunk and starts calling people wetbacks. The Loser over there, the only white guy.
"I cant have a good time, Danny is here!"
"Danny's tweaking again."
"I wish he would leave me alone, then I wouldn't have to lie to him."
"Just pretend while he's here."
"Tell your brother to rat on him again."
by OldYellEr57 October 03, 2009
Brummie slang for 'hand'. Possibly a shortened form of dandy.
Give me your danny.
by Freddie Maccaolo May 08, 2009
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