A Danny is a male who thinks he is a "badass" and enjoys picking fights that he cannot win and then hides like a coward. Dannys are completely unstable individuals with horrible anger issues. They enjoy threatening people and often tweek out for no aparent reason. They are usually highly medicated. Dannys will stalk females by showing up at their home in the early hours of the morning and tap on their windows.Dannys must be avoided at all costs.They are usually very short with dark eyes and horrible facial featurs. They may also have a strange fetish with dogs. All in all Dannys are scumbags and should be kept off the streets.
That dude just got his ass beat, he must be a danny.

Look at that poor dog, it must have been molested by a danny.

That guy is such a mental case he is such a danny!

Did you hear that tapping sound??

It has to be a danny.

That dude like thinks he's the shit man like he really believes he is a badass ha ha! He is pulling a danny!!

You need to stay away from that guy he so looks like a danny.

by his baby boo March 21, 2009
To do a Danny;
(1)To good up on recreational drugs, resulting in sleep, or sick (also see whitey.

(2)To prey on unexpecting, and unwelcoming females whilst under the influence of drugs and alcahol. See rape

(3)Anything clumsy.

(1)Sleeping or throwing up after recreational drugs

Dude, look.. Tobys doing a danny.

Did you see that girl just get dannyed.

He did a danny.
by adfra August 26, 2008
Usually used to define rape or violent sexual behaviour.
"Some like it rough but I like it DannyJ!"
by MissyJane February 05, 2008
Usually sits alone in the bin of his neighbour, shouting phrases like "You fuck!" and "Arsefacey!" to himself. He rams japseye; the penis is like a twig.
"You stupid fucking Danny."
by Daniel Cottonius August 28, 2008
definition: callous, cal·lous heartless, unfeeling, uncaring, cold, cold-hearted, hard, as hard as nails, hard-hearted, insensitive, lacking compassion, hard-bitten, hard-edged unsympathic.
antonym: kind, compassionate
14th century. Directly or via French. Latin: danielus "hardened by friction" dan: "hard skin"
If he were any colder he'd be a Danny.

by Sunny&Warm March 11, 2008
A guyy that you always make a fool of yourself infront of and begin to cry because you know he deosnt like you and when you went out with him, he treated you like shitt and just used you; but you are still completely in love with him.
I hate that Danny hates me, because I love him.
by brasil95 April 27, 2008
Stinky stinky boy. Commonly used as an insult
Boy! Dan is sooooooooooooooooooo stinky!
by Bobisdabest May 21, 2005

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