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Any kinda male that walks around flexing his muscles and trying to look hard that gets dropped with one punch. Coined after the infamous encounter between Glenn Danzig and Danny Marianinho of North Side Kings.
1. (noun) That muscle-bound moron was dannied.
2. (verb) He dannied that muscle-bound moron.
by Horsekisser July 10, 2004
The word 'Dannied' was originated in Wellington, New Zealand on the 26th of June 2012 and it can replace almost any word. Especially 'raped.'
See 'Danny.'
Person 1: "Dude, I just got dannied!"
Person 2: "Really? I took a danny last night. Was huge."
by Dannied June 26, 2012
when your computer disconnects from a game or is slow as a piece of turtle shit.
Player A drops**

Player B: "WOW! why did you drop from that DotA game?"

Player C: "I think he just got Dannied"
by Justin Liang November 20, 2007

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