This word means evrything! its a noun, adjective, and verb. It just matters how you use the word 'Danis' in a sentence to make it what ever you want it to mean.
I'm going out for a Danis at the gym.
by Kitty_Karnage January 16, 2011
Top Definition
A person with lots of layers of goodness, like an onion without the crying and the smell.
That girls a real dani.
by Turkey2 November 22, 2006
A name short for Daniella/Danielle/Danica more often then not.

Every Dani that I've met is the same - petite, dark hair, dark eyes, witty, intelligent, somewhat pretty... It's saying something about the name!

A short girl and a spunky attitude.
You're so insert compliment here, your name isn't Dani is it?

GUY 1: That new girl is short and pretty... I've heard she's really nice too
GUY 2: What a Dani.
by papercutlove. April 15, 2008
Dani is a person who will allways be there for her friends, she is sometimes crazy but great to be around, usually dark hair, beautiful green eyes,an amazing body, and a very cute nose, she is one of a kind. dani will always protect her friends. and through down some letters to those bitches who mess with her.
Boy 1: dude i think im in love with that one chick. she is a shining star.

Boy 2: what chick, ohhhh i think her name is dani.
by pkmcanderson May 09, 2009
Extremely pleasing or successful.
Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.

Dani can be found in places nobody else has been
by Polly Pocket July 23, 2006
Dani is one of the most gorgeous girls you will ever meet in your life. Her smile makes the world stop. She has amazing hair, and a body that looks as if sculpted by the Gods. Her eyes are mesmerizing. Dani's are usually average height. She is the most popular person, all the boys want to be with her, and all the girls want to be her. You're a very lucky person if you are friends with a dani.
girl 1- omg doo you see that girl over there? she's so pretty!
girl 2- yeah her name's dani, of course she is!
by monkayqirl27 August 25, 2010
A female who is exotic and extremley intelligent. She is always down for a good time and fucks like an animal. She is a rockin body and all the girls are jealous and the boys follow her around. Don't hate on her b/c she can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Above all this bitch is sexy.
Da---amn that girl is a straight up Dani in bed!
by Crazaaay Bitch 420 February 05, 2010
Nickname for Danielle/Daniella

Very musical person. Usually possesses blond or light brown curly locks. Blue or green eyes. Stunning personality and looks

Fun to be around. Easily loved
guy #1: I went out with Dani last night

guy #2: lucky!
by carlwhite1995 December 08, 2008
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