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the act of being the sickest man anywhere. you snipe any chick you want. ripped to perfection you know no boundaries because your the biggest Bobby big wheeler in the club
man did you see my brother bring that hot girl home last night
ya man hes a fucking dangler
one day i hope to have dangles like him
by sickstercheesymcstyles April 13, 2008
34 45
To use exemplary skill and stickhandling ability to manoevre oneself around the ice. Often displaying a variety of sickmoves.
Mario Lemieux has some sick dangles
by daniel miles March 16, 2005
497 180
In hockey, where a player can really handle the puck well. Either skating or stick handling around other players. See Don Cherry 17 for visual examples
"Wow that guy has sick dangles!"
by zhep03 January 02, 2006
222 57
To make a nasty move around an opposing defensmen, which results in the dangler continuing in to score a equally amazing goal, all while the beaten defensmen is either on the ground in sheer shock, our just generally looking stupid.

Danglitis - a slightly contagious disease in which one cannot stop dangling.

Snipertosis- a slightly contagious disease in which one cannot stop picking corners, or finding holes in which to score nasty goals.
Youngblood just dangled the shit outta that kid.

That kid with the sick flow has a serious case of danglitis.

Cookie shows some serious symptoms of snipertosis, and he has a nice ass.
by Yoooo its Vito May 15, 2006
280 153
An exemplary display of absoludacris manouevers within a specific sport.
Charlie Newlands epitomizes dangling in hockey.
by Colin Wilson December 23, 2002
224 106
In hockey, when a player makes a move around the D by moving (dangling) the puck around one sie of the D and skating around the D the other way, meeting up with the puck and lighting up a SNIPESHOW™.
That niggas got some dangles!
by SNIPE SHOW DANGLES May 17, 2007
96 21
Another term for a pinch of Grizz Green or any other chewing tobacco....another term for someone who distributes the dangle is also known as Deputy Dangle....originated in Seattle,Wa May 2009 by MCA & Pinky NIGGAAAAAA
Boy thats a big ole dangle you got, Hey can i get a dangle, Nigga where's tha dangle at?
by MCA & Pinky July 25, 2009
76 62
Verb- The act of urinating off the side of a boat.
While fishing my Dad drinks lots of coke and constantly tells us he is going to dangle.
by Samwiise November 23, 2013
2 2