6 definitions by RagePrblm

Someone so ugly it looks as though they were conceived invitro in order to be the most repugnant human on earth
Fuck, look at that genetic accident!
by RagePrblm July 21, 2003
When a fudgepacker wears such tight pants he splits his ballsac in half. Sortof like a camel toe.
Woooo this is the fudgepacker police! Pull over. You are under arrest for having a split tomato
by RagePrblm August 04, 2003
To puke while drunk or during a hangover
hahah shit I heard mark magged out yesterday nite
by RagePrblm May 31, 2003
Racial slang used for people of Mexican and Chinese descent.
Comes from 'spic' racial term for Mexican people and 'chink' racial term used for Chinese people.
Dude #1 (Imitating Tyrone the crackhead on Chappelle's show) Goddamn! Look at that fine ass!
Dude #2 Is she Mexican or Chinese?
Dude #3 Thats Rosita, my sisters friend; shes a spichink.
by RagePrblm October 12, 2005
Ive never heard this term used to refer to a gay person, Ive only heard it referring to people as the shit. That person is cool or such.
Man you are fucking dangles!
by RagePrblm February 27, 2005
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