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A person who uses their body in exchange for a chinese food, fast food, phone credit, bus/taxi fare, a Blackberry or most recently a Samsung
"She doesn't work yet she always eating Chinese food and got phone credit. Must be a dangles."
by 592dslim July 28, 2014
Verb- The act of urinating off the side of a boat.
While fishing my Dad drinks lots of coke and constantly tells us he is going to dangle.
by Samwiise November 23, 2013
1. to be hanged

2. the male genitals, especially the penis
I can't believe he wanted to dangle over having a small dangle.
by The Return of Light Joker January 02, 2011
(n.) A slang term for Marijuana, (v.) to smoke marijuana
Hey man, I'm tryin to get high, you got any dangle. ; let's dangle this joint.
by sylent12 December 31, 2010
To have erotic sex in the woods near water. Preferably a rock.
"Man last night I dangled her on your rock, it was erotic"
by Mr.Fredrix July 07, 2012
A colloquial term for cigarette, because of the way it dangles from your mouth when you have dry spit and it sticks to your bottom lip.

Also can be shortened to "dang"
Jim - Dangle?

Neil - Shit yea!

Jim - Got a lighter?

Neil - Na bro

Jim - Hey Dang Dang Dangaroo, got a lighter?

Dang Dang Dangaroo - I did, I think coatesy took it

Neil - Fukn coates
by Clamptonaskj3 November 09, 2009
a penis that is long enough to dangle.
I accidentally busted in on him in the bathroom and I totally saw his dangle.
by poop and pants March 01, 2009