it means love one another it basically comes from zimbabwe
its a name given to girl mostly it has lots of differnt spellings
so danai is a realy good nam because its lovely
oii danai because its wat yu have to do
by DaNaii January 28, 2008
Danai is a Thai word and is widely recognized by Thai people as a name, it's original meaning has something to do with the heart, but many people differ on the exact meaning that it has with the heart. The most common suggested meaning is "the joy of my heart", hence it is a very nice name to have.
You are my Danai
by Delving December 06, 2010
Danais is a dime, she top of the line. She has a special soft spot for rangas. (gingers) She's from miami betches and has the hottest friends eva. She is the baddest midget in the game, so don't even think about crossing her. She will cut you....
Did you see that ginger kissing Danais? She's way too hot for him.
by lad3 sovereign March 26, 2012

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