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Someone born North of the Mason Dixon line and moves to the South.
by Nan December 08, 2003
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A person coming from the north to the South. Usually distinguished by their bad driving, and saying "In OHIO, we have hot tea, not sweet tea"
Damn Yankee: Lets move the entire population of Ohio to the South, take all of the jobs, and bitch about what is different.
Southerner: If Ohio's so great, MOVE BACK... Damn yankee.
by Jessica, you nazi! January 03, 2006
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A yankee who moves South because of the warmer climate and friendly people, and decides to stay. (As opposed to regular yankees who return home because they like crappy food and weather cold enough to cause death).
Northerner: "In Bastaan people know how to drive fast, unlike dan here".

Southerner: "Well, Delta flies both ways, ya damn yankee."
by Squishy January 12, 2004
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American residing north of the Mason-Dixon line, the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Word most commonly found in Southern States.
It wasn't till i was 18 that i learned Damnyankee was two words.
by Thomas Pierce September 15, 2003
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Someone from the North who moves to South, and is often stereotyped as rude, stuck-up, and stupid, though not all of them really are.
Southerner: There's that new guy again.
Other Southerner: I hear he's from New York.
Southerner: Great, not another Damn Yankee.
by ThatDamnYankee September 22, 2009
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personal noun. Any self-centered, ungentle, barbarian that believes the customs of their degenerate northern tribe are the laws of nature. Specifically, one of the aforementioned Untermenschen that has obtained enough illicit wealth to purchase and maintain an overpriced, overpowered, or overly obnoxious vehicle and operate it below 28 degrees latitude.
n. Anyone from further north than Biscayne Bay.
adj. Expression used to describe anyone parking where ever the hell they like, walking/standing without regards to the needs of others, tailgaters, or anyone with a completely obscene accent.
n. Anyone that you can live next to for 10 years and never learn their first name.
n. Anyone that never learned how to look people in the eye or say hello.

...also, see Asshole or Republican.
n. Shit. It's Winter again, time for all those Damn Yankees to ruin life. Wish they would have all left for the Summer.

adj. (God)damn Yankees have parked in the middle of the street again, guess we will have to go the other way!

n. Ugh...Hey, Damn Yankee! Put that accent back in the trash where you found it!

n. "I don't feel so good. Better git another roll of toilet paper ready, I'm about ready to give birth to a Damn Yankee.
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