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unholy list of events that led to dimise of something
used when you have finally given up
also used to describe premature ejaculation
damn it to hell my old lady got drunk and fucked wayne !
hold on baby don't move i almost got it in awe damn it to hell!
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
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1) A situation where the person displays their demise.
2) A remark to show one's dissatisfaction with an occurance, which can often replace the remark "Fuck!"
3) An expression for the person who regrets his/her choices
Example: When the Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku, realizes he will die in the explosion of Planet Namek his last screaming words "Damn It To Hell" as the lava of the planet bursts onto his body. This was an occurance which he could've prevented earlier.
by Kangal January 26, 2011
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