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A girl who smiles all the time, making you want to smile as well. Only opens up to her nearest and dearest. If she lets you into her world and heart, be thankful. An amazing girl that has many good qualities, however is extremely modest about every one of them. Too nice, but also too naive. It takes her a while to get close to someone, but once you are in her world, you're in forever. She's unlike anyone you've ever met.
She's such a Dajana.
by dreamerqueen24321 March 26, 2011
day dreamer
Loud mouth
hey look at her/him there doing a Dajana
by notelling August 20, 2006
She is the most amazing person ever, she has been hurt many times and is scared to open up. when she does open up you better consider yourself lucky. she has been through a lot in her life she brakes easily but wont admit to it she acts strong and is a leader
im such a dajana
by Jamesss May 14, 2012

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