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A word used to describe how alex kaplan shits his pants
Alex did you just daink your pants?
Yea. I laid a huge daink.
Yea, I am gay, watch me shit myself
by alex shits himself March 26, 2003
scialdone's gpa + hutchings gpa + conway's gpa = 1.0
a big golfball stuck in scialdone's daink ass, a golfall in hutching's sisters daink pussy, and a golball stuck in mrs. hutchings daink ass cleavage (shes got reall big juggs), as well as a golfball stuck in conways ass daink ass...oh wait...doitch!
by a kid from conard March 19, 2003
1.Smelly marijuana 2.bad marijuana 3. Smelly pussy.
Damn this weed is daink. Your sister's pussy was really daink she needs to dousche that shit.
by Vancio Hullister April 16, 2003
eric stone's gayness
hi im eric stone and i dont get with chics...i am very nigga lippish retahded
adj. dank·er, dank·est
Disagreeably damp or humid. See Synonyms at wet.
Spitz: yo hutchings your sisters vagina feels mad daink around my monstruous boner
by SpitzAAAAHHH March 19, 2003
a way to introduce the saxophone section at pops n jazz thursday night A.K.A: pops n noah or the noah show
(noah sippin a pepsi)
by a girl March 21, 2003
to be a huge dumbass
im alex kaplan. DAINK!
by Anonymous March 22, 2003