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A term of faux endearment said from one person to another. Usually said either because the person saying it does not know who they are talking to or used to fit into a certain social group. Usually associated with media types.

This word has been banned from the National Opera House in London due to its overuse.
Person A -"Dahling, that was simply magical, we must do lunch and work together on something for the near future!"

Person B -"Of course, I simply love your work dahling, we would compliment each other as the day follows night"

Years later...Nothing comes to pass of it.
by m0r1arty November 23, 2006
A term loosely used in place of "darling". The friendly way of saying "darling".
"Movie at my place tonight?"
"I'm there, dahling!"
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
a lazy way to say darling. Nothing more.
Person 1: I'm back!
Person 2: I missed you, dahling~
by SKAlamandar August 04, 2007
common name for a fellow gay
like, dahling! this is absolutely fabulous!
by Les bien June 08, 2003
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