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The african term for marijuana. Often found in the streets of jo-burg and capetown, this is the term that will get you lit. If you go up to some rasta man asking for a nice baggie of dahaa, he will then smile at you and blow a fat dank cloud in your face, only then to produce 8 grams of dirt weed for about $1.50 USD. This weed is often filled with seeds and sticks, and usually is very dry, it does get you high none the less.
Me:Yo rasta, let me get a fat baggie of some really nice dahaa
Rasta: AHHH! Yes my friend very good please come come my friend very nice baggie swazi, my friend please 20 rand my friend yes very nice dahaa
Me: This shit better get me higher than a giraffes ass or i will talk to the witch doctor and he will curse your rasta ass.
Rasta: Yes yes my friend please come smoke this dahaa i have a nice piece of news paper to roll up a very nice one, yes its very nice

ME: Yo, wheres the dahaa
African dude: Around the corner, ask Zimbasu my brothers mothers babys uncle, he has the nice dahaa.
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