"Dah" is short for "disgusting and hau".
"Hau" is a Cantonese word meaning wanton and voluptuous.
That girl is very dah.
by Selena Chau March 17, 2009
Dumb As Hell, an adjective describing someone who is beyond dumb
Boy, you dah (each letter said individually)
Boy, you dumb as hell
by Skrizzle April 12, 2006
a lazy way of saying "dog" when referring to ones close friends or "homies."
sup dah?! eh dah. whass crackin tonight, dah? etc...
by demologik April 14, 2005
The definition of dah is quite simple. The word itself means something like an ironic yes. Originally it comes from the russian da. This word means yes. This word has then been picked up and is now being used again and again in its original russian form. Though the tone has been changed a little.
Dah = Da = Yes
by Amendir December 17, 2003
A substitute for words to a song that you don't know.
Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah! DAH DAH!!!
by Zwashere October 24, 2007
Extemely depressing or stupid.
Wow that kid is so dah.
by SeanPCampbell23 December 03, 2008
a lazy way to say dog, when referring to one's homies.

What up, dah?

what up dog?
by demologik March 07, 2005

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