1. Slang word for Dutch (blunt)
2. Slang work for duce (second half of a cigarette)
1. Jenna: Im dying to smoke.

Joey: Do you have a dah?

Jenna: Yes, roll up.

2. Jenna takes out her cigarettes and lights one up.

Joey: Let me get Dah

Jenna gives a dirty look and passes over the second half of her cigarette.
by Jsmokes2 May 25, 2012
A word to decribe someone who is or who is a ..Dank Ass Hyna,Down Ass Homegirl,Dazed And Hazed...etc. Can be used to replace words like.. well DAH!
DANG! she's down, she must be a DAH!
They're smoking a fat blunt they're probably all DAH.
Don't say DAHt,you know i'm a DAH.
by bigpimpins June 22, 2011
Situation 1: A word used to veer off of a subject or a response to a question or statement that you don't know how to respond to.

Situation 2: This word could be used to retaliate from a verbal attack in a friendly and joking way.

This was first used as an inside joke when one friends status was in German and the other friend commented "Dah" because he didn't understand the status as a joke. Then, for every other comment he didn't know how to respond to he said "Dah"
Q: "I heard you kissed that ugly person at that party last night."
A: "Uhhhhh Dah?"

Q: "Wow, you are horrible at football."
A: "Dah."
by sloopdog99 December 16, 2010
A monosyllabic conversation starter, often used to initiate an instant message chat session.
Matt: Dah
Robert: Hey Matt, what's up?
by averywj February 08, 2010
"Dah" is short for "disgusting and hau".
"Hau" is a Cantonese word meaning wanton and voluptuous.
That girl is very dah.
by Selena Chau March 17, 2009
A word used when frustrated or annoyed at a person or event
DAH! I hate physics!
by rachel January 15, 2004
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