Extremely sexy, cool, hot, and fierce.
The girls in Commons 5502 are so daggy. Even their outfits are daggy!
by UltimateWordCreator February 21, 2008
One who unintentionaly, through stupidity, thwarts the efforts of himself or his group.
John: Theres a warthog comin' in the base.
Tom: I'll get it, I got rockets!
Console: Betrayal, Betrayal, Suicide.
John: Ugh! You're such a Daggy!
by Dom Cruise April 10, 2007
it means: Damn Saggy
That girl's butt is Daggy!
by HAY+ Lo August 21, 2007
Noun: A fucktard of questionable breeding and very low intelligence.
Conventional science contend that this creature functions solely on brain stem activity and uses the space otherwise occupied by a hominid brain as a "beer sponge". The creature has little capacity for memory and must always wear clothing with its name stenciled/stitched on the clothing. This condition of uncommon stupidity is aggravated further by the excessive consumption of 'ludes and alcohol during University of Texas tailgate parties. Behavioral exhibitions of this creature include: Standing around a drooling, lighting flatulence near open flame, and throwing objects at the highly-valued property of others.
Samaro: "Hey fuckhead! Throw that football at your own restored classic pickup."

Truant: "You Daggy!"
by Truant January 14, 2004
Noun: The inability to catch sure items thus drop/fumble/ muff items thrown to you only to be recovered by another person to claim as his own. Synonym for a Buckner (Bill Buckner -Mets vs Red Sox's World Series).
Derek's "daggy" was shown for all to see on the jumbotron at the big game.
by Allah January 28, 2004

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