The sound of two robots mating.
Daft Punk is simply amazing!
by Mike Schmidt October 15, 2007
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They not the ulitmate french duo. They are the ultra-super-ultimate duo in the whole world. One more time, baby!
I just bought all of the Daft Punk Albums. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.
by Taylor Esformes March 03, 2004
The ultimate french duo.
WHy are we mad at france again?
by Zach G. January 15, 2004
The only reason the world does not sack france. Thomas Bangalter, one half of the duo, has had success with "Music Sounds Better With You" in 1998, under the moniker of Stardust, which he co-qrote with Alan Braxe, and as 'Together' with DJ Falcon making the hit "Call On Me", which was an even bigger hit when Eric Prydz remixed it, took all the honour for it, and made a silly video with hot women.
Check out Daft Punk - Discovery for pop orgasm.
by Emilio December 01, 2004
The ULTIMATE French Duo. Damn, Daft Punk make great music. Probably the most "different" music that I listen to.
Whoa, Daft Punk are excitement
by etfdfdfdfdgreyhfgujgyig May 06, 2005
The best duo of the whole world.
Daft Club
by Daft Punk Fan March 06, 2004
daft punk is a french duo consisting of two guys who don't show their faces. they are known for their song 'one more time', also.. their song 'technologic' was featured on an ipod commercial. Their music is a mix of euro-funk with eletronica. it's quite good.
One more time
One more time
One more time we´re gonna celebrate

daft punk is great.
by i.l.o.v.e.t.e.k.n.o December 03, 2005
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