Stupid person
your a daft bugger aren't you shit face
by Ben October 08, 2003
odd, strange, does not make sense
I made 56k last year, now i'm only making 38k, daft eh?
by Carver January 27, 2005
A draft of a document that's totally useless or flawed in some way.
"The first draft of the agenda was a daft: it contained misspelled words and ridiculous discussion points."
by eliball June 21, 2013
acronym Dumb Ass Fuck Tard
John smacks his head into a wall.
His close friend Robert says, "Nice job your daft!"
by mike of the rh October 28, 2007
Daft means cool, no exceptions.
daft means cool
Dude, shit was so daft.
it even sounds cool.
by suika ibuki June 14, 2008
marcel von castenmiller
"what does daft mean?"
"marcel von castenmiller"
by crazydutchkiller January 08, 2005
Warning: This word is British do not even think of saying and or uttering this word in Freeworld America
Note: If a friend is insane enough to say the word Daft it is important that you ask him to refrain from saying such words and stop being a damned Brit
Girl: you guys are so Daft
Jim: what the hell does daft mean
greg: who cares its British and she's a damned Brit
by 7evin July 10, 2008

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