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A county in Florida. Referenced in multiple songs, "It's going down in Dade" for instance.
It's going down in Dade
by Twisted Phil July 12, 2006
92 17
The most amazing guy you could be friends with. He has the best sense of humor and can bring you happiness even in the worst of times. You will never meet another guy like Dade. He is sweet, amazing, funny, and adorable. He can be awkward at times but can always put that smile on your face. He is also very cute and sensitive. But he is still all around great. If you ever meet a Dade make sure you keep him by your side, he will never let you down.
"That guy is so sweet and funny!"
"Oh, he must be a Dade!"
by JoBeth July 24, 2012
29 11
a county in florida, and a badass guys name.
it makes the dade angry.
by pippisportysocks April 29, 2011
15 3
In actuality, (Dayde) the county in southern Florida. However, in some online gaming chats, Dade (Day-Day) is referred to as the ultimate "hood" where the "most bad-ass, supa-fly gangsta's rule da streets mothafuckas".
Yo, Bitch!, Don't be bringin' dat Shit up in DADE County, ho! We be reppin' our block up in Here, Mothafucka!
by W. Mothafuckin J. November 05, 2008
22 15
a nerdy guy with a lisp sometimes has a hard time saying date, so he refers to it as "dade."
I asked that girl out on a dade and she blew me off. What a bitch; she must only like asshole guys instead of nice guys. Yeah, that's it.
by realtorjenn June 07, 2011
16 13
more commonlly known as l33t.

Dade- is known worldwide as one of the most l33t beings in the universe, therefore owning you.
Don't mess with Dade-, he is the supreme being of all that is l33t.
by Dade- November 13, 2004
3 8
a tomato involved in criminal activity.
No, it's not just any tomato, it's a genuine dade.
by ShaniquaDay June 12, 2009
15 21