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A dad who involves himself in his son's and friends' activities. He's at least forty and thinks he's young, cool and one of the bros. Stocked with all the tools and toys; e.g. boat, weights, PS4, big screen TV, stainless steel BBQ grill, motorcycles, etc.

Common activities include: gym workouts with his son and friends, boating, mainstream sports, watching pay-per-view mixed martial arts, pool parties, chilling at the beach, attending major sporting events with his son, friends and their girlfriends.
"Dad bro! When are you gonna take us to wakeboard at Lake Tahoe?"
by ChaffingMavericks July 21, 2014
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It is a mixture of the word "dad" and the word "bro".It is used as a way to express the bro-ness along with the dad-ness of ones father.
Hi dadbro i really apriciate the fact that you bought me a car for my birthday.
by asdf1234@@@gjhg,hlitgkuyf February 05, 2010

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