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badass, but dad
Thats a dadass coat youve got, Jimmy.
by Banana Pooer times a thousand January 19, 2004

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1.) A person, usually of the male race, whom you can see being a great father and has an all-around wonderful personality that is pretty badass.
2.) A gnarly father.
Griff is a dadass. I know he will be a legit father!

Do you see that man playing ball with his son at the park, while letting him smoke a joint!? Do you see him? Why can't you be a dadass like that, Dad?
by kaaate roberts October 26, 2008
When a dad, does something bad-ass...plain and simple.
Dude your dad just bought you a car?! That is so dad-ass!
by JeJ-E3E April 14, 2010