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The name used for a group of boiz, who hang around, get drunk and start fights. Tend to smoke cannabis.
"What are you doing Terry?"
"I'm wid da boiz!"
by Ellis Da Boiz Millard. April 10, 2010
collective noun for a group of socially retarded individuals known for shit banter and occasional attempted 'flanter'. Can be used as a synonym for "wannabe lads"
Girl 1: Theres a massive lack of intelligent banter in that group of guys
Girl 2: They must be part of "Da Boiz"

Girl 1: I cant believe Alex got with one of "Da Boiz"
Girl 2: What was she thinking
by Bitches Be Like January 15, 2014
They are ruthless and run the show , they start fights for no reason and can be found shredding up the parties.
"Oh look at tht mass guy over there" , "Dont make eye contact he is in da boiz and will fuck us up " ,
by Rory6 October 25, 2010
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