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(Pronounced 'dunzz-jin')

Backround Information:
-Duntzgeon: origin: Latin, for "Untz Dungeon", a cross bilunguil mix of "dunzo," "untz," "dungeon", and "dunce" (As in, when you are in the Duntzgeon, you need to wear a Dunzz hat.) Definition:
--A counterpart to the infamous "Untz", "Duntz" is a genre of Biscuits music more focused on the crunchtacular mixture of Barber's Midi-Duntzboard with Allen's complete 360 degree control of many different e-drum systems, all suppoarted by steady Brownie-bombs and whatever the fuck Magner does. Duntz is a level of jamming that frees your mind of untz and replaces it with digital distortions and uber-h3tty e-drum fills. There are no peaks, no builds, just straight Dungeon Untz, the Duntzgeon.
Guidlines and Regulations for "DUNTZ" to Exist in a Jam:

(1) Barber must be playing the midi keyboard and/or shredding skull on his Duntzzegeon Digi-Axe 9000
(2) Allen must be playing MANY e-drums, so much so that you will not be able to tell Who's E-Drums are Who's. At least once in each jam Allen must strike the fake DJ scratch noise e-drum, for this awakens your inner Duntz Chakra.
(3) Brownie must be dropping bombs
(4) Magner
(all times referred to from sbds)
-LUNAR PURSUIT-6/09/2007, at the 5:20 mark.
-SHIMMY from 6/8/2007, starting at the 15:20 mark.
-BERNSTEIN AND CHASNOFF from 8/16/2007, starting at the ten minute mark.
-BOOP from 5/25/2007, at the 15:40 mark.
-IN THE KITCHEN, 2006/05/05, from 13:34 (this is some serious Duntz)
by lsdisgoodforfree January 27, 2008
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