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the only proper way to say 'damn' in a nizzle style. The more excitement the more nnn's you will see. Adding an extra a or i is snoopstyle and cool: examples: biatch, daimn, shait, diack etc..
daimnnnnnnnn whoaa that pimp has some hoe's... blumpkin only!
by kukel June 13, 2003
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It's what you say when the AOL Instant Messenger screws up. And based solely on its definition, you'll be saying this at least twenty times a day before downloading a new chatting program.

The extra advantage to using this term is that, if said correctly, sounds a bit more "gangsta." See dayamn.
Mike: So Phil, what do you think?
Mike has signed off
Mike has signed on
Mike: What the hell? It did it again!
Phil: dAIMn! Let's chat on MSN, kay?
Mike: Word.
by no_one_2000 February 12, 2005
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