Someone that creates a character on a multiplayer online roleplaying server/game without the intent to participate in the roleplaying aspect. They often speak in broken english and even grief other roleplayers.
D00d: aw man where u get dat sword
Roleplayer: Perhaps you were hit on your head in the last battle for Wintergrasp?
by Cambrio December 06, 2008
1 . L337 speak for dude
2 . Prinnies say it in the game 'disgaea'
person : hey d00d
prinnie: d00d!!
by =virus.exe= September 28, 2004
For the ones with trouble spelling words with u, they replace most catagories with oo, or 00 (numerical). Usually a IQ of under 12, will prompt you to write this way. It is a sort of internet phonics term for pal/buddy/friend.
It is a word in the intricate language of Leet/1337/Reet
Dood, i r reet!!11oneoneone!1!!
by Harloth September 30, 2003
The l33t5p34k version of "dude," often used in RPGs to refer negatively to gamers who use l33t5p34k excessively, especially on roleplay-only servers.
"What's up, d00d?"
"Oh, great, d00dz on the server, let's beat the crap out of them."
by GBart February 23, 2005
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