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Disco generated pasta
Pasta with moves
by Harloth March 08, 2003
the first soul embodied into human's life stream ever since the first, male vampyre classed human was born. The soul continues forever and ever, when the bodie dies, the mind and a bit of the soul continue to its heaven. The rest of the soul goes on to another human
by Harloth March 08, 2003
For the ones with trouble spelling words with u, they replace most catagories with oo, or 00 (numerical). Usually a IQ of under 12, will prompt you to write this way. It is a sort of internet phonics term for pal/buddy/friend.
It is a word in the intricate language of Leet/1337/Reet
Dood, i r reet!!11oneoneone!1!!
by Harloth September 30, 2003

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