combination of "duh" and "yup"
by ssssssssa August 04, 2010
A one syllable way to say "What's up" w/out using the King's English.
Yo, d'up, g. Such mad ducets to be made, but so little time.
by wickey wack 1991 November 19, 2013
1. Stupid, confused MMORPG players. I.e. Someone who says or does something stupid could be expressed as a "Dup"

2. Synonym of the 4chan term derp
He was a dup
What a Dup! oh my god

Dup Dup Dup Dup
by burgerflarg April 30, 2010
The word used when you first meet a person.
1st person: dup??
2nd person: dup!!
by ashs June 07, 2009
Encompasses all that matters in the world. A social group that is the epitomy of what everyone else would like to be.
Yeah DUP! It's a DUP thing.
by Co-Founder March 17, 2004
1) to irritate, torment or annoy someone with non-stop talking.
"Don't Dups me bro!"
by Tonec August 19, 2008
Democratic Unionist Party.
Beguiled bunch of no good squatters, whom if it were not for the sympathy of England, they would be getting their arses kicked every day.
After leaving the DUP meeting, I feel more narrow minded and ignorant than ever before.
by the gay prod March 16, 2007

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