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Dungeons and dragons, popular non-computer based roll playing game stereotypically played by nerds. An mmorpg(massively multi-player online role playing game) also exists.
Hey man, the renaisance club and I are playing D and D at Nilknarf's.
by Leoj April 05, 2006
N. - Acronym for "Drug and Disease". A popular term used on "adult" dating websites..
Looking for hot women, D and D free of course..

If you're not D and D free, don't even bother..
by the_educ@t0r April 26, 2010
israelian lameness at its best
/kill dandd drunken loser
by wouldntuliketoknow August 27, 2003
dine and dash or dine and ditch. To eat at a restaurant and then leave without paying.
Dude, forget paying. Let's do a d and d and buy some more beer before the liquor store closes.
by Michael Land November 16, 2006