The adjective for an individual who attributes all actions to selfish motives. Becoming cynical comes from someone just not giving a damn about the rest of the human race and is recommended for all Americans.
Person : "So yeah, this emo kid posted this myspace bullitin where he said he would kill himself."
Cynic: "That's great, hope he actually did it."
Person: "WTF? You cynical jerk! You should be ashamed for saying things like that!"
Cynic: "At least, I can stand on my own two feet..."
by Darkest_Elite May 21, 2006
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The only way to be.

Look at how fuckin shitty everyone and everything is.

HOW could anyone NOT be cynical?
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A man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
Cynical person: "People always smile in front of a camera"
by Dagon4 August 17, 2013
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someone who always expects the worst and most selfish motives out of everyone and everything. Otherwise known as experienced.
1. These charity adverts are a great way to fleece you for all your money. Those dudes living in mud was probably 50 years ago. They have schools now. And a sewerage treatment place.

2. Disneyland is great but I'm not waiting 2 hours to see ''sleeping beauty''. She's either made of plastic or some lazy cow who's paid to sleep in all day. Besides, one floor is hardly impressive for a castle.

The above are cynical examples.
by Imabasketcase April 21, 2015
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The required outlook in order to find the cold hard facts to a problem.
Person 1: Dude that idea is great! I think it is flawless.

Cynical person: No, too many potential flaws there. Try again.

Person 1: Dude, quit being so damn cynical
by LeCynic April 09, 2013
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Apparently someone who doesn't wish to be disappointed. But if they see the worst in everything, how can they be pleasently suprised? I don't get cynicism. My 'cynical' friend said she doesn't believe in love. But if you are that adamant something doesn't exist, then you'll never find it! Life is about romance and excitement, and it's all there if you keep your chin up and seek it. I know bad things happen, but they happen to everyone. When you allow yourself to dwell on them, this is when you become a cynic.
"I don't belive in love"
"You are so cynical... Cheer up!!!"
by Hello_Bunni_Bang May 22, 2007
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In modern culture, cynicism can be commonly seen throughout society.
Traits of Cynicism include:
-publicly displaying your ideas on philosophy
-complaining about the world.
-seeming dark and giving off a hopeless mood.
-losing hope in the world.

Note: For those young people that are cynical, don't worry. You are nowhere near where you can spout out ideas on life and how shitty the world is. You'll get the idea soon enough, and you will learn to appreciate the world for what it is, and try to live with the glass half-full.
You might still think that the world may be hopeless, and that may be true, but living with this as your way of life is unhealthy. So, get out and enjoy life while it lasts. You don't want to grow old and think back saying "Well look at that." So stop being so fucking pathetic, and with the "i've been there, done that" image. It's really uncool, if you get it.
Cynical youth: Tsk. Tsk. You really don't know anything about the world at all do you? Sigh- you hopeless shit. Well let me enlighten you...

Slightly more Matured Youth: Will you shut the fuck up? I'm trying to finish my essay so i can go watch a movie or read a book or something.
by bingbongdicks December 11, 2008
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