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Some one that stalks and preys on people online.
The cyberstalker Oregon Wench, was known for her obsession for hunting Elk and men online
by One Ten April 29, 2003
A cyber stalker is a sick and lonely coward individual who abuses the anonymity of the internet as his only possibility to molest another person. This kind of breed uses all kinds of internet services like talk forums or blogs for chasing his victims. The victims are mostly only accidental and get attacked for no given reason.
Commonly used accusations by cyber stalkers: 'XYZ is a nazi.' Or: 'she/he' (the victim) is known for having done this or that' (mostly sexual accusations or perversions). Or just: 'XYZ is a jerk because ...'
by Carlos Cumpleanos December 03, 2008
When rather than spark up a conversation with a chosen person, you choose to pop on Google and Google Whack them instead! Cuts out the long winded process of getting to know a person.

Definition : To stalk using the Web as your weapon!
Hi there, my name is Darren, whats yours? Ah hi there Maria, i'm just popping off for a moment! **Skulks off to cyber stalk**

Hey i've met this really nice girl. But this Cyber Stalker has moved in.
by Sandy Ritchie April 09, 2006
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