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Please see cy-lebrity for further info
cy-lebrity is a short for cyber-lebrity. Rolls of the tongue better
by JCrac September 27, 2007

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a person who is a celebrity or famous in the internet, only known by the internet
forbidden is a myspace cyberlebrity.
by MusicMadison June 22, 2009
A person who is a nobody in real life but is somehow "popular" among cyber geeks and internet communities. The person will often have "followers" and "friends" whom they've never met but who hang on their every post and send them messages of admiration on a regular basis.
"What are you doing on your iphone now?"

"Posting on my blog, can't you see I'm a cyberlebrity? My fans want to know what I'm doing now."
by Leila17 January 22, 2008