A mix of goth and futuristic syles, think retro sci fi meets goth.

With a few rather dramatised exceptions, genrally really bouncy fun people who get along well with most other goths and alternatives.
Genrally most Cybergoth's will choose a 1 colour to go with black and stick with it, or have colour themed outfits.

This usualy includes big over the top fake hair including cyberlox and dreadfalls.

Bright bold colours against striking black (usualy fluro and neon but not always) usualy in synthetic and or stretchy fabrics like pvc and metalic lycra are a large part of the Cybergoth look.

Usualy have "nerdy" fascinations such as sci fi and computer technology and anything to do with the future.

Easily confused for but not that same as rivethead and raver.
by Deshka April 10, 2012
People that go to underground cyber/industrial/Goth/EBM clubs. They look like a mix between punk, goth and raver. They usually wear bright colored dreads extensions or unnatural bright colored hair with shaven sides but not always, and with bright colored neon/UV-light clothes and futuristic gear (android/cyborg stuff), avatar goggles worn on forehead, UV-light biohazard mask, big platform boots, and they often wear (bright colored) make-up. Almost everything is unisex.
Obviously music is a big part of their life and they like to dance, some of them are DJ's or producers or they often have other creative talents.
It's a subculture, called ''cyber scene''.
'Cyber: Oh gawd, look at him! Look at his color combination., and he's fat and ugly.. what a FAIL hahaha!!!

Cyber 2: Yeahh I know.... let's ignore him *rolls eyes*.

Cyber: By the way, I really need some XTC, can I buy some?

Cyber 2: Sure! follow me, sexy cyber goth.
by P0W3RB3457 February 12, 2012
Happy smiley, dancey Goths, see www.thewendyhouse.org for excellent examples.
Musical examples: VNV nation, Apoptygma Berserk, google em up!
by ..WiL July 27, 2005
cyber goths or "cybers" belive in a prolonged life by means of either natural increased lifespan , as in our life spans have increased naturally , where we could only live till 20 max in the past we now have 100 year olds , or by advanced technology , they belive that in the future we will be transhumanoids , (part human , part robot ) so that we can eventually live forever as our internal organs will be machine powered so theres less chance of failure , but as with most things this has now become a fashion trend , cyber goths wear cyber goggles , dreads , and bright coulour , they usually listen to industrail music and go to raves
person :hey cyber why do you have that computer chip stuck to your face ?

cyber goth: i am slowly turning into an android , one day i will be a trans-humanoid

person: riiiiiiiiight
by ^^electra^^ April 10, 2007
a gothic raver (yes strange even to us goths very strange)
why are cyber goths even called goths there just raves in black
by xion May 09, 2005
Cyber goth is a form of goth in which they wear ridiculously large neon dreds, goggles, and drawn-in eyebrows to where they look like tacky drag queens.

Many are extremly arrogant and usually elitist, they think they're 'bad-ass' because they like to overuse the term 'cunt' and generally won't talk to you unless you're as bitchy as they are.

Would you believe how obnoxious some cyber goth (s) are? They wouldn't talk to me until I shaved my eyebrows!

CYBERGOTH: Don't be upset because I'm better than you, more original and don't like you. I am the Queen Cunt.

OTHER PERSON: You and and the other 500,000 cyber goths who claim that title.
by Liz123 August 08, 2006
Basically, a goth who wears bright uv details as well as the usual black. However would never be caught dead wearing a band hoodie.

Usually either very tall or short, so will wear massive boots to make them selfs look either REALLY tall or just a bit smaller than everyone else.

Is also usually more arrogant than normal goths, ie will only talk to you if you like anything really dark or horrible, or like put fuck loads of drugs down your throught every weekend.

note: can also be pronounced cyber-gaff just for a laff.

even more basically, a goth who goes to raves
"oi hugo, get that puppie out of the oven, you fucking crazy cyber-goth!"
by "adam the hippie" January 17, 2005

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