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Viruses you get sent from disgruntled ex cyber boyfriend or girlfriends. Usually happens after a breakup and they're pissed at you and wanna get back at you.
Sean sent Breanna the worst cyber STDs after she cheated on him. That STD was so bad she had to get a new computer...
by Angry Russian Man October 06, 2008
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A computer virus cause by watching excessive amounts of porn
Tyler: Did you hear jake's computer crashed?

Reid: Yeah, I heard all that donkey porn gave him cyber STD's so bad it just died.
by Tkilla/reidman August 15, 2013
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Computer (or other device) viruses that you get from going to scam websites that are redirected from (usually) porn.
Kid 1: My computer is so slow!
Kid 2: *checks search history* Looks like you got a case of Cyber STDs.
by Sensiblé February 28, 2016
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