sex online
i lost my virginity by cybering!
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
havin cyber is not 4 loners who cant get a bf/gf!! it's when you put in stars the things you are doin, normaly of a sexual nature
amy: lets have cyber
will: ok
amy: *hugs and kisses*
will: *kisses bak on ure neck*
by amyhannah14 March 12, 2006
No definition.

"cyber" is not a word.

It is simply filler for off-brand marketing trash.
Johnny purchased a Cyber-cable brand power cord, and was electrocuted to death.
by Julian March 15, 2004
Cyber-sex. Online roleplaying mimicking sexual intercourse.
She wants to cyber with that loner
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
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