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Cyber terrorism is ACTUALLY something much more serious than hacking into computers. It is a far reaching problem, where terror groups do things that mess with our electronics as a whole. Cell phones acting screwy, cable going in and out, computers doing weird stuff... its all-inclusive. They are attacking us slowly in an effort to cripple the medium that we unknowingly have become uber-dependent on; our electronics.
Ever notice that all of your electronics start fuckin up around the same time? That's cyber terrorism, my friend, and this is only the beginning stages.
by friarSams April 12, 2005
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Cyber terrorism is an act of war on someone or something using a PC or the internet.
He just launched an attack on them using a PC. Thats cyber terrorism!
by Anon November 15, 2004
Cyber terrorism is the use of computers to gain control of other computers by hacking.
He just hacked into the white house. Major cyber terrorism
by Anon November 15, 2004
A grossly overstated "threat" contrived by power-hungry fascists to convince Brits & Yanks to surrender yet more of their civil liberties and rights to the government.
London: "People are starting not to fear al-Qa'eda anymore!"

Washington: "Settle down, it'll be okay, we just need a new threat..."

London: "Like what?"

Washington: "Ah I have it! Al-Qa'eda is going to launch 'Cyber Terrorism' attacks from its caves in Afghanistan"

London: "Oh, thank you Uncle Sam, that should shut the public up for a while..."
by John S. June 17, 2006

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