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Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, when online retailers will be looking for their biggest sales from those who checked out products over the thanksgiving weekend, and will now be ordering them Monday at work.
Forget those long black Friday lines, I'm going to order on Cyber Monday!
by Mike Schroll November 26, 2005
The Monday after Thanksgiving Day, when online retailers keep the Black Friday-like bullshit going by constantly bombarding our e-mail inboxes and facebook statuses with annoying-ass ads to buy their products on our employers' time.

These companies apparently don't realize their tactics actually have the reverse effect and that many of us are actually out deer hunting on this day and are carrying loaded .30-06 (thirty-aught-six) rifles.
If I get one more Cyber Monday e-mail today from company X I'm gonna blow my fucking laptop up!
by dookeyboy November 29, 2010
A term made up by e-tailers as way to trick people into internet shopping by thinking that everyone else is shopping online on this day as well.
Coz: w00t, its Cyber Monday, you gonna buy as much as you did on Black Friday?
Porky: Tool...
by porkchizzle November 27, 2007
a day when ppl who are too lazy t go to the store get sales online
Ughh Its such a pain to get up for black friday, so i rather just wait for cyber monday.
by nina541 November 28, 2010
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