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The act of taking a dum, crap, or shit while chatting to a man and/or woman about getting a blowjob.
My favorite new activity is cyber blumpkin. I don't even have to get of the toilet and I can cyber!
by Matt H. (KoS) April 08, 2006
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The act of receiving cunnilingus or felatio while playing video games.
Last night I was receiving a cyber blumpkin from some noob, so I grabbed a keyboard, wrapped my arms around their back, and proceeded to play SWTOR for the next 15 minutes.
by JaemX December 12, 2012
When a guy is sitting on the shitter dropping a deuce while video chatting with a nude women on his laptop.
Jacob: Is Mike in there skyping with that chick while pinching one off?

Dane: Yeah don't hate man he is getting a cyberblumpkin'
by Team Grizzly December 04, 2011

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