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Conspirators of the World Unite
A little known self-proclaimed terrorist group that tried to get a message into the mainstream media through a hold up of a United States "CIA" agent.
Rumors say 7 of the CWU were present none have been heard from yet.Lost in the Mexican or US judiciary system?
by Troll -look it up May 23, 2005
1. short for Central Washington University

2. a Division II state university located in Ellensburg, WA

3. the best education/teaching college in the west coast, if not the whole USA

4. a college in which the Alumni rock

5. a college which use to have the best wrestling program in the state, but the jerks in charge dropped it
1. I am CWU Alumni.

2. I lived in Sue Lombard Hall at CWU.
by thmtom November 05, 2004
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