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A term of endearment for one who is a cousin. Does not need to be of blood relation, but some one who has a cousin like relationship with another person. It is generally used for a first cousin situation. Not necessarily used in context for "gang banger" terminology but can be.

"Danni, you are my cuzzo, I absolutely love you!"

"Bridget and Danni are cuzzos because their Bigs are slashes"

"We are the original cuzzos"
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basically the same as calling your boy 'holmes', 'cuz', 'dog', etc.... but when it's used, it tends to be more you are giving the status of 'cousin' to someone who's not related to you...only by the street or a hustle
Cuzzo's slick. We did some shit back in the day. Don't worry about cuzzo.
by carl berg March 30, 2003
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1. Homie, Comrade, Friend.
2. Your cousin's best friend... = Someone you can entrust many secrets with.
1. "What's up Cuzzo"
2. CuZzO = ML ... if ya know what I mean... which you really don't.
by Alfonso G July 09, 2004
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cuzzo is like saying "cuz" alot of crips from north cali say "cuzzo" in place of "cuz"
by Loc- O June 21, 2004
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its what u call another crip, its like cuz. thats where it originated but some people just say it because they hear it a lot and dont know why people call each other that.
what's goin on cuzzo?
by sn0man October 01, 2007
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a person with whorish qualities and overuses the phrase "thats what she said"
My and me buddy dp that Jenna Cuzzo and she kept saying thats what she said
by Pfoc February 05, 2009
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