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big ass or asshole in Brazilian poutuguese.
"Voce e um cuzao ". You are an asshole.
by Fernando Arruda September 28, 2006
Brazilian slang for asshole. It is very offensive!
Seu cuzão, tu fudeu minha vida!

You asshole, you fucked up my life!
by Luizin March 19, 2010
Pessoa de má índole e/ou pouca confiança. Usado como ofensa.
João é tri cuzão
by L. S. Stüker June 27, 2016
Means "coward" in Brazilian Portuguese.
Can also mean "asshole", but it is really intended to mean "coward".
He didn't try riding the giant roller coaster because he is a cuzao!
by Dr. Ze' February 11, 2014
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