a cutter is a slang term for someone who for whatever reason self-harms. this is in NO WAY to be confused with the recent teeny-bopper craze of being emo where children dress in black and bright colours and claim to be "misunderstood" and cut because MCR have sung about it. i am being generic ofcourse, im sure some emo children have problems.

the reson behind this cutting, can stem from anything from stress, to full blown clinical depression, and often is caused by some traumatic event in the person life. whatever the cause or the reason it is equally serious. cutting is a form of relife, whether to take your anger out on yourself or because you feel worthless and are unhappy with your life, or even just because you are so frustrated you don't know what else you can do. it is a coping strategy, it is therefore almost the opposite to suicide where a person is giving up on life, cutting is perseverence.

cutters are often branded attention seekers. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. i can say from my own personal experience, when you bear the scars of cutting, the last thing you want is anyone to pay attention to them. i spent some of the hottest days of summer in long sleeves until i almost passed out, was forced to remove my jumper and had school friends commenting on my cuts, from then on i preceeded to cut on my stomache.

the best thing you can do to help someone you think might be cutting is to avoid talking about their cuts but constantly reassure them that you care about them and offer them a shoulder to cry on. but don't feel you have to share their burden.
how a cutter feels (based on personal memories): i have a mountain of coursework due in on monday and my parents are in the middle of a divorce and i have no self confidence causing me to be paranoid about what people are saying about me and i am disgusted with my apperance - the pressure and emotion of all of this is building up in my chest i can feel it physically hurting, its hard to breath - wheres my razor? - there, run it over my skin a few times, it cuts like a knife through butter - relife, i can breath again.
#cutting #self-harm #self-harming #emo #masochist
by magic. August 21, 2008
a person who cuts others from their profile pictures.
You can tell that boy likes himself, he's such a cutter.
#conceited #big head #josh #selfish #and cowboy casanova
by young bex, lil nic and beb February 13, 2010
A person, commonly a teenage girl, who practices 'self mutilation' but cutting there skin with any number of objects. They generaly cut to relive emotional pain, or because it is the only pain in their life they belive they can controll. Others cut for attention, or to fit in with a group. They come from all backgrounds, but are usually assoaciated with the emo/goth sterotypes.
"I saw Ellie in the school bathroom yesterday holding a razor, she's a total cutter."
#cutter #emo #cut #self mutilation #pain #sucide
by Tearzz November 01, 2005
By far the worst people that exist. These people believe that taking an instrument that would instead be used to feed useful people to their wrist will solve their daddy issues.
I'm a cutter, wanna go smoke some pot afterwards?
#cutter #people #are #fucking #retarded
by Mazarakian May 21, 2014
That special place between your balls and your leg.
Person 1: "Oh man I was shavin' my pubes this weekend so i decided to do my cutter too but now it itches like hell!"

Person 2: "Damn bro I know the same thing happened to me the first time i shaved my cutter."
#cutter #pubes #cudder #balls #leg
by Stanley Lily Lee June 07, 2010
The cutter refers to your rectal muscle , it cuts the turds.
When taking a dump and someone hurries you they may say hurry up and cut it and wipe.
When cracking on someone you would say you have so much anal sex your cutter is blown out or something to that extent.
#pooper #rectum #anal #poop #butt #crapper #rectal
by scag216 August 04, 2009
a cutter is another name for a womans asshole, as it resembles a cigar cutter the way it opens and closes.
Give me the cutter.
#cutter #asshole #cigar cutter #anus #gape
by jaykor January 11, 2010
A person who cuts them self with razorblades or knives (or any sharp object) to feel "relief" from day to day pressures, relationship problems, or troubles with parents. Usually blamed on a parent or mental health issue, but is almost always learned from a close or older friend, who the cutter looks up to This gives them a bond, or a common problem that they can use as way of relating to each other. (The cutter will never admit to this for fear that a parent or loved one will tell them not to hang out with that person anymore).
The cuts usually start out as scratches but can escalate to deep lacerations, the deeper cuts and scars represent how "hardcore" the person is and how severe their problems are. These same people usually minimize or belittle the people who only "scratch" themselves.
Since Abuse or mental illness remove responsibility from the cutter, these are the first things a cutter blames for their actions. The parent who demands good grades is "too controlling" or "can never be satisfied" or "thinks I'm not good enough." The mental illness (bi-polar, manic depression) requires medication and the cutter is really the innocent victim.
Some cutters hide their cuts and some don’t. A quick look at MySpace or Facebook photos will tell you what kind of cutter the person is. The attention seeking cutter will always have pics of scars or poems with innuendos about cutting.
Cutter: I cant believe my boyfriend wont text me back, I hope I don't cut again. (but if I do, Ill tell him) I think he likes another girl. My life is horrible!
David: That sux, I'm going to only brothers memorial Saturday, he was shot while serving in Iraq. He was like the father I never had. He wanted me to get good grades and go to college, I loved him.
Cutter: yeah my asshole father bugs me about grades too, no wonder I'm all screwed up.
David: I'm sorry life dealt you such a terrible hand.
Cutter: me too
#cutting #si #self injury #emo #cut
by keep things real December 01, 2009
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