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the guy in a boxer's corner who treats his cuts between rounds
Fighters say Chuck is the best cutman in the business.
by Figleaf23 December 03, 2007
One of the first original 6 Robot Masters that appeared in the very first MegaMan game. CutMan is numbered Dr. Light #003, and was built to be a logging robot. He posesses a pair of scissor-blades atop his head which he can hurl at the opponent to slice them. The blades act as a boomerang and return to the user shortly after. Though an expert with sharp objects, CutMan posesses a relatively flimsy framework, meaning that heavy, crushing objects will hurt him... A LOT.
1. CutMan is a very popular character, he has re-appeared in later additions to the classic series, and as a cameo, or character in other spinoff games.
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
Individuals that work the corner of combatants. Use medication on CUTS and Abrasioms. Usually wrap the hands for protection and uses petroleum jellys and secretive medical panacea elixers.

Prolong the protection of the combatant event and life.
Cutman Bazooka is a acclaimed cutman. From the historic Gleasons Gym Brooklyn New York.

Cutmen are needed at all combat sports.
by Al Galvyn. August 22, 2008
As used in Philadelphia: a close friend, who you would trust to be your cut man if you were a boxer.
"s'up cut man, squeet."
by oso blanco September 27, 2006
The most faggoty user at 404 Error.
I am Cutman! I post a lot! I like teh weiner!
by Not-Gir July 26, 2004
fucking noob with no life, has 20K posts on a message board that's been around for a year.
by dot dot dot July 27, 2004
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