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being cuter than cutest
she is the cuterest!
by blarghehe October 06, 2003
20 8
Word used win in a 'cute war' (different word, different definition). Used to tell someone that they are cute. The steps of cute are now. Cute, Cuter, Cutest, Cuterest. So no you dont have to stop the argument early. But yes, it will end with this word. Usually used when a guy wants to make a girl blush more than twice. If hes only seen her blush twice, ofcourse.
"hannah, you are so cute." "No your cuter." "No!! Your cuterest!!! called it.
by jluce9 January 09, 2012
6 0
Being so cute that you make Victoria Secret Models look nasty. Only can be used on Kristie Ling.
Kristie Ling, your the cuterest girl i've laid my eyes on.
by Andrewliu December 17, 2008
7 5
Someone who cuter than cutest.
1) Marissa is the cuterest <3
by Aye Rafael June 16, 2013
0 0
The combination of "Cuter" and "Cutest". Usually only used by sped girls who are trying to express their obsession with their boyfriends, who just called them cute.
Jeff: "You're cute, woman."
Michelle: "You're cuter...est......yeah...cuterest"
by Lewf.Krad August 09, 2007
5 6
Benjamin Michael Kaul :)
-"That boy is the cuterest"
-"Oh, must be Ben Kaul, then!"
by alrightenough April 18, 2010
2 6