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the reaction one feels when being exposed to something overly cute. this may be an emotional, physical or even sexual response.
When Holly saw the baby trying to dance, she had a cutegasm. Or... when seeing something cute yourself, "Aww, that gave me a cutegasm"
by David Klawinski April 08, 2007
The utterance of a squealing, gasping, or other related high-pitched or fangirly noise in reaction to something utterly and undeniably cute and adorable. It is often uncontrollable and unintended, causing much embarrassment in the instance of a cutegasm in a public place. The noises closely resemble that of an actual orgasm to those unaware of the cause.
Leah cutegasmed noisily at the picture of the adorable gray kitten. Since she was in the library at the time, she was given some rather dubious looks by people standing nearby.
by pencilplayer February 06, 2009
In which one has the symptoms of an orgasm due to cuteness overload.

(Less messy)
Those Pikachus were so cute that I had a cutegasm.
by SailorPam September 25, 2009

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