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Welsh coloqueilism for snuggling up. To relax without doing anything
we cutched up all day in front of the telly

I could really do with a cutch
by Gonk September 28, 2005
1. n. a period of time that feels like an extended hug. Often involving tea, blankets and telly.
2. v. to cutch ie to spend time in a state of hug.
A cutch can stop a fettle being a bad thing.
Waster: Aaah man I'm ruined. I think I'm gonna get a fettle on the go.
Saviour:Don't sweat it, lady. I feel the need for a cutch.
by All future generations December 10, 2003
a vegetable extract containing tannin, esp. one (also catechu) obtained from the heartwood of an Indian acacia tree, used chiefly for tanning and dyeing. • The chief source of this is Acacia catechu, family Leguminosae.

ORIGIN late 17th cent.: modern Latin, from Malay kacu. Compare with cachou .
The garment was dyed with cutch and the color was preserved with lime juice.
by himopolio March 07, 2010
Someone who plays Modern Warfare 2 killing majority of the enemy team but dieing while last alive from the last alive on the other team.
"I almost clutched that round but iiAmaADoUcHEbaGxx killed me."
"Shut up you only cutched it, there's a window to your left."
by Timmaaaaaay February 17, 2010
Derived from the words "cunt" and "bitch" to describe someone who is clearly the epitome of both. However, it should not be used as lightly as either. This term is only for those certain people who reach a new level of bitchiness that just cannot be expressed by any other word.
I don't think I've ever met anyone who pisses me off like that fucking cutch!!
by willdfire July 18, 2010
A combination of the words cut and couch. Used to describe a very badly worn piece of furniture.
"Dude I woke up this morning on your couch and had pissed and sharted all over myself"

"Thats all right dude that couch is sooo cut anyhow, its totally cutch."
by caine316 November 03, 2009
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