a hidden place where one can use illegal substances and commit other illegal acts in safetey
lets go hit that cut by the liquor store and smoke this spliff.

Tyrone scared the shit outta me when he jumped out from that cut.
by Essej Nameel April 02, 2005
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A noun. A place to hang out at.
by TimmyG March 29, 2005
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(1)adj. When you are circumsized
(2)v. The act of circumsision
(1) His has a cut dick.
(2) He was cut at birth
by Jeff March 05, 2005
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I was chillin in my Cut scoutin fo' some ass
by j-dizzle April 12, 2005
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A small amount of marijuana or another drug...generally cut off of a bigger piece by your dealer.
Cop: "Excuse me maam, we found your son Tony with a pretty good sized cut on him today."
Mom: "What-What-WHAT? My heavens, does he need a band-aid?"
Cop: "No. What I mean is we found weed on him, you stupid whore."
by Nick D April 14, 2004
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An additive mixed or added to a (usually illegal) substance to dilute it.
This practice is commonly used by less-than-trustworthy suppliers in order to boost revenues.
Cuts used in powdered, crushed, sharded, or 'rock' substances can include: sugar, flour & salt. There are many more, but these are the common ones. The afore mentioned cuts are sometimes added in the making of the substance, but can also be added post-production. A common process for the shifty crystal meth dealer is to measure out a small amount less than you're buying and add a couple of drops of olive or vegetable oil to your baggy to make up the remainder of the weight.
In cut substances that one smokes, the best reccomendation is to melt the substance pre-smoking, and continue to apply heat in 8-10 second increments until the cut has burned off. You will know the cut has burned off because, when the heat is removed, the substance will re-form quickly. (Cut substances generally remain liquidy/runny much longer than the true substance should) In burning off the cut, be cautious not to burn the substance. If the substance is cut with sugar, it is more likely to burn easily, so be wary. Oil cuts can make the substance pop or crackle when exposed to heat.
"To burn the sugar cut off of the tweak we bought, we had to melt and remelt the shards seven or eight times."
by ElleC February 21, 2006
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the "v" created by the muscular area leading down to the man parts. can be found on any hollister model.
"Girl, did you see his cuts?"
"Yes! So hot!"
by ilikeblackboys December 20, 2011
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