the side, out of the way
Them boyz was all over me ready to pop my black ass, then I glanced in da cut and seen my homey Nate. A nigga regulated on those mothafuckaz.
by Nick D February 24, 2003
the woods, or backroads
yo, i know the way! follow me through the cuts!
by banatmfees June 16, 2003
In biker slang, a leather or denim vest displaying the colors worn by a motorcycle club patchholder.
Springer got center-punched for leaving his cut hangin' off his apes.
by Poet June 19, 2006
A noun. A place to hang out at.
I've been in the cut waiting for you all day.
by TimmyG March 29, 2005
The Streets or Backstreets
I peeped yo beezey smokin a fat stick while runnng through the cuts
by JollyGreenGiant February 02, 2005
To leave ; To go away
Yo dawg, i gotta cut, theres places i need to be!
by J.Po November 17, 2006
a hidden place where one can use illegal substances and commit other illegal acts in safetey
lets go hit that cut by the liquor store and smoke this spliff.

Tyrone scared the shit outta me when he jumped out from that cut.
by Essej Nameel April 02, 2005

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