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THE hottest thing in the world.
The "arrows" pointing down from a guys torso.
The musle cuts on the hips of a guy points you in the right direction!
"DAAAAMN look at those cut lines on Frankys hips!"

"Oh I know! their pointing me in the RIGHT DIRECTION!"
by Bonqueshia April 03, 2008
The line of a female pussy. or camel toe
that girls cutline is showing.
by lennnn August 01, 2011
same as cock cuts.
also the same as the gruffudd

the lines, muscles separting a man's torso from his thigh/hip region
dude, i love cut lines, they are hot
his low rise pants, show off his cut lines.
by zeugma April 06, 2006
same as The Davids.
the muscle-y lines on a man's physique, separating the torso from the hip/ thigh region.
he has hot cut lines.
dude, he has to go to the gym and get some cut lines
by synecdoche April 06, 2006

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